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Like the Siemens systems, the steel grid resistors of the GINO system are composed of elements made from high-alloyed steel sheet X10CrAl13 or, alternatively, chromium nickel steel NiCr 18 9 (AISI 304).

The printed circuit boards of the resistor elements are punched to obtain conductors of different dimensions thus obtaining a total of 48 resistance values which allow optimal adjusting to the customer’s individual requirements.

The elements are reinforced with stainless steel sheets and micanite insulation and exhibit high vibration tolerances which allow even rough operating conditions.

Up to 30 elements are mounted on support brackets and insulated by way of mica tubes.

Ceramic insulators separate the elements from each other on the one side while metallic spacer tubes establish the contact among the elements on the other side. Spring washer banks maintain the contact pressure even in case of longitudinal elon-gation of the support brackets due to heat-ing up. Screw-type element connections ensure the contact even in case of high cur-rents (elements NW8 -NW48).

Each element can be equipped with a screw-type connection which can also be moved afterwards. However, the connections are preferably applied according to a pair number of elements so that all of them are located on one side of the bank.

Both open banks with free support bracket ends and housed resistors with and without wiring are available. The elements can be combined with GINO wire-wound frame DEE (see pages 3.8) so that also higher ohm values can be realized.

Special designs for both heavy-duty condi-tions (maritime climate, offshore operation) and elevated operating voltages of up to 3 kV are available.

For high permanent loads, units with fan cooling are available.


Individual elements

with terminal connections for mounting by customer or for installation in resistors

type key: NW (mΩ)

Open banks

Support brackets in 4 lengths,

suited for taking up 3 to 30 elements.

BEP(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)-resistance value

(1) No. of banks, single banks always 1

(2) = size

SizeBracket length Max. no. of elements






(3) = protection (banks always 0 = IP00)

(4)(5) = No. of elements

(6) Resistance value (e.g. 4R7)

Rated voltage: 750 V AC VDE0110 Insulation class III/3

Resistance to climatic changes

pursuant to DIN 50010 T1, suited for indoor and out-door installation with varying conditions of condensation, without protection against weathering at low pollution impact. Due to the high chromium content, elements made from X10CrAl13 only corrode at the sur-face. The function and service life are not affected by this.

Special designs

Design M

Maritime climate, connections, bolts, nuts and connecting elements made from stainless steel.

Design O

Offshore, elements, connections and all erection components made from stainless steel.

Housed resistors BEG

in 4 sizes, different protection classes, with and without wiring, design with painted or galvanized steel sheet or corrosion-free stainless steel sheet. The housings can be stacked up to 4 high (in exceptional cases up to 6 high). Special housings according to customer requirements available.

Type key:BEG(T)(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)-(6)(7)(1)

T optionally = Thermal switch

NC-contact 220 V AC – 6 A (AC1-load)

(older version: T instead of hyphen)

(1) number of boxes (1-6)

(2) size 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

(3) protection class

for banks size 2, 3, 4, 5, 7





(4)(5) no. of elements

(6) Resistance value (e.g. 4R7)

(7) design option

without appendix = standard, base coat, painted

Z = galvanized, painted – maritime

climate design.

V = stainless steel, unpainted –

offshore design

Tables of the permissible loads, p. 2.16


The units shall be installed horizontally such that the resistor elements are upright and the cooling air can rise freely between them.

Housings without resistors Type key BEL(1)(2)(3)-(7)

(1) = No. of boxes (1-6)

(2) size 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

(3) protection

for banks size 2, 3, 4, 5, 7





(7) = design Z or V (s.o.)

Admissible loads

The load values indicated in the tables are applicable for natural cooling and installa-tion in up to 3 stacked housings.

The maximum load that can be taken on be the housing size may not be exceeded. Care must be taken that the cooling air has unrestricted access from the bottom and can leave the unit freely at the top. The place of installation must have good vent-ing. In particular in case of indoor installa-tion care must be taken that the ambient air does not heat up to values above 45°C.

The indicated loads result in temperature rises of up to 260K (element temperatures in the top housing of up to 400°C). For a temperature increase of max. 200 K, the rating must be reduced by 25% (current values x 0.866).

In case of individual installation, the current values can be increased by up to 10% and for 2 stacked units by up to 5 %.

Additional forced venting by a fan, in par-ticular in case of intermittent operation at high d.f. or in continuous operation, in-creases the admissible load by up to 1.4 to 1.6 times.


The bottom box is higher than those on top and the wired units are provided with a bolt-type or modular terminal block which en-able connection to standard lines and ca-bles outside of the heat zone.

Wiring is done with tin-coated solid conduc-tors or tin-coated copper lead with silicone rubber insulation.

Threaded terminals

Rated current

up to TerminalCode

63A M6 BEZ001

100A M8 BEZ002

200A M10 BEZ003

400A M12 BEZ004

Modular terminals

Rated current Line up to Code

up to

34A 4mm² BEZ005

44A 6mm² BEZ006

61A10mm² BEZ022

82A 16mm² BEZ007

135A35mm² BEZ008

207A 70mm² BEZ009

250A 95mm² BEZ010

Unwired units can be connected directly to the banks after taking off the side panels. In this context, the heat emanating from the units must be taken into account and the lines may have to be inserted from the side. Where necessary, heat-resistant lines or standard PVC lines/cables protected by a heat-resistant insulating sleeve shall be used.

X10CrAl13 (German mat.-no. 1.4724) is a heat-resistant special alloy that is largely corrosion resistant to all standard envi-ronmental impact. Slight surface corrosion is possible but does not affect the function and service life.

Material data:

Specific resistance: 0.9 Ω •mm² •m-1

Specific heat: 0.46 Ws •g-1 •K-1

Density 7.7 g •cm³

Hot resistance: ca. 1.22 R20

Order description = Code

BEE (rated value)

e.g. element with rated value 12 m Ω


For more information you can download the pdf here!

X5 NiCr18 9 (Germ. material no. 1.4301) is a corrosion-free stainless steel resistant to heat up to ca. 470 °C. The hot resistance rises substantially when heated up.

Material data:

Specific resistance: 0.73 Ω •mm² •m-1

Specific heat: 0.5 Ws •g-1 •K-1

Density 7.9 g •cm³

Hot resistance: ca. 1.37 R20

Order description = Code

BEE (rated value)V

e.g. element with rated value 12 m Ω


For more information you can download the pdf here!