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Siemens resistors are applied in the following systems:

Oil starters

Oil-cooled starters are starters with resistor elements mounted in transformer oil.

The starting steps are switched using contactor-type starters that are controlled via time relay or PLC as a function of the power or speed and that can be replaced individually in case of a malfunction.

Braking resistors

Braking resistors transform the energy of driven masses by electrically braking the motor propelled by kinetic energy.

Load and testing resistors

Load and testing resistors act as a substitute for the consumer in the presence of energy sources.

They are used for testing and for checking batteries, transformers, generators, power generators and power supply units.

They can be used to simulate operating conditions to test the performance capacity of energy supply systems.

Grounding resistors

Grounding resistors limit any ground fault current to a maximum admissible value until the corresponding protection facilities have switched off the defective circuit.

Damping resistors

Damping resistors are resistors that have the task to limit the current in a power circuit or prevent inadmissibly high current or voltage peaks.

Particularly those resistors used in filter circuits are called damping resistors and are switched in parallel to the reactance coils to dampen them:

The resistor takes on the voltage peaks that form in the reactance coil thereby preventing inadmissible voltage surges. It reduces the circuit quality thus resulting in a larger filter bandwidth.

Transport Engineering, train resistors

Particular demands in terms of the electrical and mechanical load carrying capacity and operational safety, low maintenance and long service life are made on resistors for applications in transport engineering.