EDP: High Strength engineering boards to 600°C.

EDP is a new advanced composite in glass fibre reinforced calcium silicate based technology.

With the following product attributes:

• Toughness giving near ‘plastic’ performance

• Strength at elevated temperature

• Non-brittle/flexible behaviour

• Electrically inert

Typical Product Performance

• Compressive strength: >100MPa

• Flexural strength: 6 mm:50Mpa – 25mm:47Mpa

• Modulus of elasticity: 6-6,5GPa

• Density: 1.650 kg/m3

• Hardness: 90 Shore D

• Toughness: 6mm: 120kJ/m3 – 25mm:70kJ/m³

• Maximum service temperature:600°C*

*Maximum service temperatures are application specific. Practical trials in induction furnaces, cookware manufacture and arc chutes have indicated satisfactory performance at temperaures up to 700°C dependent on time exposure.

Advantages and Properties

• High electrical resistance

• Large-sized

• Good physical and mechanical properties (strengths)

• Precise to machine and work

• Thermal insulating- Temperature resistant (500°C)

Cutting to size

When cutting to size, the maximum workplace concentration

values for dust generation must be observed. In general dust

section is recommended