resistors > Enclosed High-Performance Resistors VPN, DEG & VPR-W serie

Fully enclosed design

Type of enclosure IP54/IP65

Pulse-proof, high overload capacity

Low inductivity

Robust, durable and vibration-proof

With or without protection against accidental contact

Combinations and special solutions

System VPR

VPR resistors are enclosed in an aluminium profile with PTFE insulated connecting wires of

pure nickel. The designs S = vertical and L = horizontal are available.

The resistors can be mounted as standalone units or on a mounting base. The mounting area

must be resistant to the intended operating temperature, and flame-retardant. Any installation

location is possible, optimum cooling conditions are achieved in vertical position with the connecting

wires at the lower end.

Type of enclosure IP65

Permanent performance from 60 W to 500 W and 800 W to 1500 W

Operating voltage: 800 V up to 200 W, 1000 V > 200 W, in special design also 1500 V

Test voltages up to 2.5 kV or 4 kV, in special designs also up to 6 kV

Vibration-proof up to 4 g

Tensile strength of wires 100 N

Resistant to climatic conditions and rupture-proof

Dimensions from 102x40x21 mm to 337x60x31 mm or from 340x50x100 mm to 700x50x100 mm

System DEG

The enclosed resistors can be combined in various housings. Due to their design, the DEG

types are also suitable for operation in high humidi condition. In the standard design, the resistors

are mounted on a terminal block so that the resulting type of enclosure is IP20 or, with

connection box or connection line, IP54. Cable entry is ensured through cable glands.

Resulting type of enclosure IP00 to IP54

Permanent performance from 100 W to 4000 W

High overload capacity in short-term operation

Operating voltage: 800 V up to 200 W, 1000 V > 200 W, higher voltages available

in special designs

Test voltages up to 2.5 kV or 4 kV, higher test voltages available in special designs

Resistor profiles can be combined

Vibration-proof and impact-proof

Resistant to climatic conditions and rupture-proof

Optional temperature monitoring

Special designs Systems VPR and DEG

Different requirements are to be met by special, customer-specific solutions. Enclosed resistor

profiles are also available in three-phase design and integrated star-type jumper or equipped

with a shielded connecting line. The flexible application range is rounded off by projectspecific

assemblies and housings for direct installation underneeth the frequency converter.


Precharging and discharging resistors, e.g. for capacities

Voltage-limiting resistors and series resistors

Three-phase load resistors

Assemblies for the traffic sector

Automotive applications

Housings for substructures

Braking resistors

Water-cooled resistor solutions System VPR-W

By using water-cooled resistors, the heat development that usually occurs at the location of

use is prevented. During braking processes, the electrical drive energy is converted to heat

energy. This heat energy is absorbed by the water and can be re-used. Whereas in smaller

resistor systems the cooling water is routed directly through the resistor profile, heat

exchangers are used in resistors with a power > 50 kW.

Cascadable installation possible

Performance range from 4 kW

to approx. 500 kW

Great application variety, including

mining technology

Clearly improved energy efficiency

Various designs and systems

No heat dissipation to the environment

Application also in explosion-hazardous areas

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