Copper is needed to manufacture essential equipment, to keep vehicles on the road for the delivery of supplies, to keep electrical power flowing and to ensure adequate food supply. Life as we know it would come to a sudden stop without copper. We at Elektrokontakt are putting all our effort into staying operational during these […]

Quality is a priority

In the current age of technological advancement, Elektrokontakt was in search of a way to boost its quality standards. As a small company with a high-value team, we focused on providing an easy and comfortable way for the operators to make on the spot high-quality measurements.  The classic measuring machine demands a high level of […]

New lathe Elektrokontakt

With the purchase of a DOOSAN SLY, Elektrokontakt has decided to be able to offer lathe work in-house. The lathe is equipped with all the latest technologies to manufacture complex components. Add-ons: Powered tools (axial & radial) Y-axis SUB Spindle Barfeeder The Y-axis and driven tools give us the possibility of non axial drilling, tapping […]